Thursday, May 10, 2012

Poetry: The Energetic Truth

The Energetic Truth
by Alice Zimmerman
in response to the artworks of Annalisa Jose

On this multidimensional journey
Ever entwined in circles of you
I take gentle, passionate, sacred steps
Weaving gossamer strands in my wake

Over and over and over again
Through traveled ages, phases, and time
I walk, at last, through destiny's door
Recognizing truth in silent roars

I am you
You are me
And we are One

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Poetry: Illumination

A poem by Alice Zimmerman
in response to Golden Mean,
the artwork of Jean Dahlgren

I am a phoenix rising from the pyre
Blazing my way from one life to the next
All of me burns away with a force indescribable
As a roaring, raging, illuminating rapier incinerates me to my center
Dissolving all that is old and no longer useful

And I rise...
And I self
Renewed, re-birthed, rediscovered
Only to recognize that all I ever had to do
Was remember

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Poetry: Bastrop Burning

Three poems by Lou Taylor
in response to the art work of Allison Brown-Cestero

Bastrop Burning: Epicenter

Deep char
In the center of our lives
White hot

Hear flames crack
Smell acrid smoke
Emanating from our core

Changed forever

Bastrop Burning: Rift

Slashing deep and wide
Destruction from all side
Divides our world

Surrounding inferno
Leaves a canyon of death

Breath the fumes
Sense the heat
Wait for cool relief

Bastrop Burning: Lost Pines

Gone in a flash
Eons of patient growth
Destroyed before our eyes

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Poetry: Fine Feathers

Fine Feathers
a poem written by Lois Heger
in response to the lovely jacket,
Fine Feathered Friends,
created by artist Jill Becker.

How outrageous that art could hug a woman
Patterns that dance around her shoulders
Embrace her torso with pulsing vibes
Guinea feathers that flirt with her cleavage

As if Icarus' feathers
Fallen from their
Man made wings
Floated down
To land in a silken shrug
Around the shoulders of a lovely girl

Fine Feathered Friends, modeled by Annalisa Jose
with artist and creator Jill Becker at right.

photo courtesy of Alfredo Rego

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Poetry: The Hunt

Hunting Owl
Poetry by Lou Taylor,
responding to the The Hunt,
a beautifully dyed, hand-painted, and quilted piece
by artist Leslie Rego

Fierce raptor
Intense focus
Created for the hunt

Eyes shining
In the night
Skimming the trees

Stalking prey
Wild beauty
Lovely and dangerous

photo courtesy of Paul Riccardi

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Poetry: Bastrop Burning

Bastrop Burning
by Lois Heger
inspired by the three riveting works of artist 
Allison Brown-Cestero:
Bastrop Burning: Epicenter 
Bastrop Burning: Rift
Bastrop Burning: Lost Pines

I still smell it, smoke's
Invasive smell intrudes, resides
Concentric circles pulse from a
Golden orange emptiness
Dark as the dizzy boundaries a hole in the center

Brackets of green fading out
Fall away from the hot colors
Torn away as rented fabric
Holes and chars reveal under-layers
All the way to the core

Pines down and dark and gone
And the spiral of
Released seed falling
They say it comes back better after a burn
In earth time, not long
In girl time it's forever
Lost Pines

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Poetry: Letters Home

A Love Story
by Edna Kitchen
Inspired by the art of Judy Carpenter
"Letters Home"

Our souls dangling by a single red thread
Of a chain that once held us together
Like a ghost struggling to find
Its way back home
Bursting forth through the sweet golden
Memories of your touch
Ceasing to exist in the thick blue torment
Of our lonely separateness
Your letters home are all I have
A whisper of a promise
That one day soon
You will return to me
To weave the threads of our lives once more
Into a greater destiny
Unraveling nevermore.