Thursday, May 10, 2012

Poetry: The Energetic Truth

The Energetic Truth
by Alice Zimmerman
in response to the artworks of Annalisa Jose

On this multidimensional journey
Ever entwined in circles of you
I take gentle, passionate, sacred steps
Weaving gossamer strands in my wake

Over and over and over again
Through traveled ages, phases, and time
I walk, at last, through destiny's door
Recognizing truth in silent roars

I am you
You are me
And we are One

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Poetry: Illumination

A poem by Alice Zimmerman
in response to Golden Mean,
the artwork of Jean Dahlgren

I am a phoenix rising from the pyre
Blazing my way from one life to the next
All of me burns away with a force indescribable
As a roaring, raging, illuminating rapier incinerates me to my center
Dissolving all that is old and no longer useful

And I rise...
And I self
Renewed, re-birthed, rediscovered
Only to recognize that all I ever had to do
Was remember

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Poetry: Bastrop Burning

Three poems by Lou Taylor
in response to the art work of Allison Brown-Cestero

Bastrop Burning: Epicenter

Deep char
In the center of our lives
White hot

Hear flames crack
Smell acrid smoke
Emanating from our core

Changed forever

Bastrop Burning: Rift

Slashing deep and wide
Destruction from all side
Divides our world

Surrounding inferno
Leaves a canyon of death

Breath the fumes
Sense the heat
Wait for cool relief

Bastrop Burning: Lost Pines

Gone in a flash
Eons of patient growth
Destroyed before our eyes