Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Annalisa Jose


Annalisa Jose is a mixed media artist from Walnut Creek, California.  She creates graphic compositions from hand-dyed textiles, paint and fabric manipulation.  Jose has completed the Art Cloth Mastery Program and graduated from Mills College with a Bachelor of Arts degree.  She creates art cloth through a series of printing techniques, hand-dyeing, painting and the application of different resists such as soy wax.


My unspoken goal has always been to find God (light) in my daily life.  Whether praying in a Catholic church or meditating in a temple, mandalas were present.  Mandala is the Sanskrit word for circle.  The mandalas I saw were colorful, inspirational and full of intricate details.

I use color and design imagery to create a dance of light.  I want the viewer to follow the light's path.  As I work I am compelled by intuition to seek the direction of the piece.  Throughout the process I consciously align myself with the colors and intention of the mandala.

My inspiration comes from my spiritual practice.  The process of creating mandalas becomes an active meditation, thus quieting the mind, so I can listen to my inner voice.

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  1. Stunning wonderful work!!!! Art ON !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!