Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Leslie Rego


Leslie Rego is a fiber artist living in Sun Valley, Idaho.  Before moving to Sun Valley, Rego lived for many years in Antigua, Guatemala.  Her husband is from this lovely colonial town and their three children were all born there.

Rego credits this time in Guatemala with her lively sense of color and experimental approach to quilting.  Since she did not have many resources or classes, Rego learned early on to "make do" with what was available.  Her award-winning work has been juried into numerous national and international exhibitions, is in private collections, and has been featured in several publications.  It is also showcased in her own gallery, Leslie Rego Gallery.  Rego has been a part of the Art in Embassies program for several years and currently has a piece in the American Embassy in Tallinn, Estonia.  Visit Rego's website at and contact her at


My work reflects the passing of time in Nature.  I particularly love the transitions between the seasons, finding them to be metaphors for our own lives.  Nature's most beautiful moments are in constant flux.  I find the muted browns of late autumn to be lovely and rich, the very last faded blooms of summer flowers to be gentle and tender and the mud season after the white snow has melted to be full of promise.

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