Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Poetry: The Dance of Life

The Dance of Life
written by Alice Zimmermann
in response to the vibrant and beautiful artwork of
Shirley Metcalf,
created on silk noil.

Red, vibrant, orange, yellow joy
Light and whispy
Edgy and twisty
In twirls and swirls

I move
This way and that
Arms flowing, eyes closing
Hips shaking, shoulders rolling
Head bobs, toes tap
Hair flies, fingers snap
Hands waving, feet shifting
Knees bouncing, skin glistening

I move
This way and that
My Spirit soars in kaleidoscope reds
I dance myself out of my head
Until I see my self as all
In all

...and I move
This way and that


  1. This blog is an absolutely beautiful tribute to your teacher and the twelve artists exhibiting. The addition of the poetry is magical. I'll have to mention it on Facebook. Congratulations to you all.

  2. The dance of the poetry and the artwork together are beautiful.