Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Karen Turckes


Karen Turckes has worked with textiles all of her life.  She dyes her own cloth and adds interest to the fabric using various surface design techniques.  Turckes is the owner of Windberry Studio, a private studio in Michigan where she makes and sells hand-dyed fabrics and art cloth.  Turckes teaches dyeing and free-motion stitching classes and designed and published "Design your own Fat Quarter Landscape" pattern.  She is currently working on an "Earth Elements" series with a focus on water.

Water, the giver of life, is powerful, peaceful, magical and mystical.  There is another world under the sea.  My art is about water because I have always been drawn to it.  I love its many moods and colors.  I love the way it feels and sounds.  Light is knowledge.  Everything is made of light.  It is the messenger of life.  I am fascinated by the interaction of light and water.  The light passes through the water in a brilliant display of rays.  In shallow water it forms patterns on the sandy floor.  Imagine yourself under water and see the light reflect on the floor below and on the surface above.  Light reflects off the splash of a wave or the gentle ripple of a quiet pond.

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