Friday, April 13, 2012

Poetry: A New Equilibrium

Today's poetry selection, A New Equilibrium by Lois Heger, was inspired by three fabulous pieces based on the square, all by artist Ann Graham.  

A New Equilibrium
by Lois Heger

These squares of life which I inhabit
A series of nesting blocks
All is orderly, color knows its place
With neat stitches I keep all my facets where they belong
My yellow brilliance pushed toward the outside

From craft to art, comfort to chaos
My square peg is edgy not smooth
In a wordless explosion of self
White bits of me are
Waiting for the meaning to settle
Scattered square fragments
Honoring the past
Knowing there's more

Bold colors and action and energy
Just held in check by other dabs of energy, my energy
Now the filed is serious, hard edges, sometimes troubling
yet owning a new centeredness
Yellow brilliance front and center
A new equilibrium

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