Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Twelve Voices From One Exhibition Opens!

The Twelve Voices From One exhibition opened at 
the Radius Gallery in San Antonio, TX
on Thursday evening, March 29th.
Pictured above are the participants in 
the Art Cloth Mastery 2010 Program,
whose works were featured in this exhibit.
seated l to r: Judy Carpenter, Leslie Rego, Laurie Brainerd, Jill Becker,
 Allison Brown-Cestero;
standing: Karen Turckes, Shirley Metcalf, Jean Dahlgren, Ann Graham, 
Jane Dunnewold, Angela Maroun, Annalisa Jose, Diane Sandlin.

We would like to share photos taken during the opening, 
followed by resumes and bios of the individual artists.
All images will enlarge when clicked upon.
(please click on the individual artist's names in the sidebar to visit their page)

l to r: "Isometric Square"
"Birth of a Square"
"City Square"

Ann Graham

Ann Graham, Laurie Brainerd, Judy Carpenter

top to bottom:
"Open. Allow. Receive. Accept."
all measure 21 x 21 x 2"

Laurie Brainerd

"Time for a Change"
15 x 15 x 2"

Laurie Brainerd

17 x 17 x 2"

Laurie Brainerd

l to r: "Circles Interrupted"
"Letters Home"
"Killin' the Blues"

Judy Carpenter

"Plum Blossom"

Judy Carpenter

Judy Carpenter, Shirley Metcalf

l to r: "Our Synergy" 70 x 42"
"Our Dance" 70 x 40"
"We Do, We Cope, We Are" 70 x 42"

Shirley Metcalf

l to r: "Horizon Beneath the Sea"
"Ocean Wave"

Karen Turckes

Karen Turckes

Shirley Metcalf, Karen Turckes

Karen Turckes, Leslie Rego

"Four Seasons"
41 x 90"

Leslie Rego

"The Hunt"
40 x 36"

Leslie Rego

Angela Maroun

top piece on left: "Bastrop Burning: Epicenter" 20 x 48"
bottom piece on left: "Bastrop Burning: Rift" 25 x 23"
at right: "Bastrop Burning: Lost Pines" 55 x 43"

Allison Brown-Cestero

l to r: "Sanctuary"
"Points of Light"
"Golden Mean"

Jean Dahlgren

Diane Sandlin

"Attraction" - Diane Sandlin

"Equilibrium" - Diane Sandlin

"Simple Gifts" - Diane Sandlin

l to r: "Chakra Spin"
"Joy is Within Me"
"The Path has Many Layers"
"Hearts with Strings"
"Sacred Heart Chakra"
"Walking Gently on the Path"

Annalisa Jose

l to r: "The Path has Many Layers"
"Hearts with Strings"

Annalisa Jose

Jacket at right by Jill Becker (l),
 modeled by Zenna Jane James

Jacket at left by Jill Becker (r),
modeled by Annalisa Jose

Jacket by Jill Becker

Four Seasons by Leslie Rego

Leslie Rego with "Four Seasons"

Jane Dunnewold, Annalisa Jose, Jill Becker, Zenna Jane James

We wish to extend our thanks to Alfredo Rego, who photographed the evening,
the folks at the Radius Gallery,
and Jane Dunnewold, without whose knowledge, inspiration and love,
none of this would have been possible.

More photographs will follow, so please return periodically!
Poems written about individual pieces of art will also follow later this week.


  1. it is wonderful to these photos, some of the vibrant work and the spirited artists and leader here! I finally got to hear speak and meet Jane Dunnewold at a Surface Design Symposium here in Seattle in early March after being much intruiged by the work -hers and her students. Congratulations to all of you!

  2. Fabulous photos, wonderful work. I could come back here for days and see something new and wonderful!!

  3. What a terrific body of work. Congratulations to all!

  4. WOW, Excelent show, excellent work!

  5. Exciting, informative, inspiring pictures and descriptions! Thank you for posting this.
    Martha Ginn

  6. Looks like a terrific show! Good Luck to all!

  7. Congratulations to the Graduates of the ArtCloth Mastery 2010 Program.
    Visually exciting works !
    Thanks for sharing these great images.
    Marie-Therese Wisniowski