Saturday, April 21, 2012

Poetry: Bastrop Burning

Bastrop Burning
by Lois Heger
inspired by the three riveting works of artist 
Allison Brown-Cestero:
Bastrop Burning: Epicenter 
Bastrop Burning: Rift
Bastrop Burning: Lost Pines

I still smell it, smoke's
Invasive smell intrudes, resides
Concentric circles pulse from a
Golden orange emptiness
Dark as the dizzy boundaries a hole in the center

Brackets of green fading out
Fall away from the hot colors
Torn away as rented fabric
Holes and chars reveal under-layers
All the way to the core

Pines down and dark and gone
And the spiral of
Released seed falling
They say it comes back better after a burn
In earth time, not long
In girl time it's forever
Lost Pines

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