Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Diane Sandlin


Diane Sandlin is an Austin-based mixed media artist whose work is frequently shown in invitational and juried exhibits.  Her non-representational artistic style lends itself to collage and painting, often utilizing a textile substrate.  Sandlin attempts to blend the conventional and familiar into unexpected outcomes.  A founding member and past president of Austin Fiber Artists, she is also involved with the Surface Design Association, Studio Art Quilts Association and the Fiber Artists of San Antonio.  Sandlin has served as an organizer of numerous exhibits, including the recent Fiberwerkes for the Texas Federation of Fiber Artists.


"My intent is to create art expressing the human quest for fulfillment in a complex society.  Because the human psyche is nuanced, my works depict ultimate universal struggles, both internally and with others.  I utilize layers in my compositions - textiles, paints, papers, inks - so that the viewer may look closely under the surface.  As in life, experiences are often not what they seem initially and the composition may reveal a hidden truth.  My hope is that the viewer forms a dialogue with the piece and in so doing, finds a special resonance with his or her personal reality."

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